may in review // CA trip

May was awesome. May was super fast. I think I missed spring, did it happen?
I'm so glad that May was fast, because now we're at June. I love June.
June is so loved because it meant that school was almost over.
Then, in 2012, it meant Eliza Page was almost here!
And now, in 2014, it means surgery month for Ivy Marie!
And thank the good Lord and his peace, because we are READY!
It seems odd to be excited for something like skull surgery to happen, but I am, for Ivy.
I'm excited to see her kick some butt, and I'm looking forward to leaning ever so more on our Lord, and the amazing people he has put in our lives to care for us. Did I mention that my mom is coming for 4 weeks to take care of the older girls? Just dropping her life, and living here. That lady, she's just wonderful. And that seems like a good place to start in the MAY IN REVIEW!

Starting with the highlight of the month, my mom retired from 30+ years of teaching last Thursday. Her teacher friends threw her the most fabulous party, and they were kind enough to send me an invitation. My mom wanted me to see the adorable theme they made, assuming that I wouldn't be attending. Well, JOKES ON YOU!! After getting the invitation, I said to myself, and probably Avery because I do talk out loud all day, whether my kids understand me or not, "Mom is going to have a lot of birthdays, plenty of anniversaries, but this, this retirement is happening once. I'M GOING!" I was going to take Ivy because we are attached at the hip, in that her booty is propped up on my hip 70% of the day, but we didn't want her to get sick before surgery day, so I took THE PEANUT! At just a couple weeks shy of 2 years old, she was free so, yes. Mom and peanut head to the west coast! I'm gonna bombard you with those photos now.
I have never surprised anyone before. I can't keep my mouth shut. Ask Ken. I have tried, many times but I just can't keep it quiet. This time though, it happened and it was awesome. I have a video of the moment. Mom had NO idea. My oldest brother Jack had surprised her earlier that day, and was there to cook up quite the convincing story in order to keep my mom awake for our late arrival. My brother Steve picked us up, and mind you, I had never been to my parents new house, nor had I been in California in 3 years. I was so excited not to sweat the second I walked out of the airport. (Love you, New Orleans, you know I do.) Steve, who is getting more and more delightful by the second, was so pumped to see us. I was texting with Jack the whole time, and I'm not gonna say he's a good liar, but, damn, those years in law school really helped. My mom, after recovering from the shock, went into grandma mode and started playing with peanut. My dad, I think was in shock a bit longer. He is usually in charge of the operations of these sorts of things, but his kids took the wheel and he was equally surprised and proud. I guess it's cool to find out your three kids schemed and planned to surprise their mom for her retirement. But, if you've met my mom, what else would we have done? 

The party was amazing. A room full of people telling stories of how great my mom is. You already know I was crying through the whole thing. Everyone there already knew peanut, so she was practically a celebrity. I think my mom talks about her granddaughters a lot, and, I mean, you would too if they were this cute!! 
Pre party with cousin Savannah. 
Oh yeah, my grandma Elmore didn't know we were coming, and she has never met peanut! This was so special, Eliza was so friendly with her, even sat on her lap for part of the party. Grandma was in heaven. (Good job, peanut!)

I'll take this in wallpaper please. The last time this happened was two years ago, and we were all sporting something serious lake hair. I tell you, these people are some of the best humans on the planet. There's an energy present when the 5 are together. I'm sure there are words to describe something this special, but I can't find them. I'll say what my mom would say, "It was a golden day."

#targetdoesitagain - this dress. this girl! 

I hope they are always lovey dovey like this. Only three months apart!
They were having all sorts of conversations, and the adults just watched them giggle. 

So, this photo captures a frequent moment from my life. Here you have dad leaning back saying, "ooooohh, okay jack!" or something like that, and jack thinking, or knowing he said something funny. I sure did laugh a lot this weekend. 

I got to see these faces!!!! Sharon, Katy (no pic, my bad) and Carly! Three amazing women from three different parts of my life.
Serious love here. I'm so blessed to call them my friends. 

Noteworthy, Eliza was EXCELLENT on the plane. I think 15-18 months is a bad age for flying, but older than that, it's great. She napped both times, and thankfully we had direct flights and I worked my magic and got them to move my seat next to the only empty seat on the plane. I brought her carseat on the plane, had plenty of snacks, and one episode of sesame street on my phone. And toddlers are funny, she didn't care to have the sound so the ear phones weren't necessary. On each flight we snuggled for about a hour before she snoozed and people commented a bunch of times, "She's did great!" Well gee, thanks y'all. 

When we landed in CA, she was so out, I carried her in her carseat out of the plane and then for about 15 minutes as we walked. She woke up when we were outside waiting for my brother to get us. 

I'm so thankful for this weekend. It was especially great to spend a lot of one on one time with peanut. Bless that little girl, I don't get much, or any, one on one with her. I learned that she's hilarious, tender, and silly. We tried to sleep in the same bed one night and it was the funniest thing. She made her grandma and grandpa so happy. What a doll. 

Well, I'm exhausted. I'll review the rest of May later. :)


Carly Patterson said...

i love you so much! i love how we can just pick up exactly where we left off like no time or distance has ever come between us. you're my do do for life! and eliza may or may not be my daughter <3

Sharon said...

Why aren't you still here?! But hooray for June. Your Brave One will rock it. Love you.

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