10 on 10 // JUNE

I have this friend. This sweet friend. She blogs over at bug and belle and I love her. She is a beautiful human. One of my favorite things about her is that she'll text me, "10on10!" to remind me to take pictures of my super awesome day. 
So, here is the glamorous life of the ladies kostrzewa. 

breakfast club


 post nap teefers modeling a twirl shop beanie

 tea party time! 

making baby food, peas. kinda gross. 
her curly hair went flat after I curled it with a curling iron! weird. 

them toes. yum. 

can't get enough of this babe

Note: the first time I found myself bored in years, right before this picture was taken.
I was just waiting for one of them to wake up. 
I take this as a good thing.

 The Ivy baby hairs are in full effect these day. 
Love these skull earrings, for Ivy! Kind of a weird way to represent my "craniosysnotsis mom" status, but it works for me. I have found a lot of websites, or forums of moms talking about their cranio babies, and it's very sad to me. And they talk about awareness, which I don't fully understand because, thankfully, it's not a disease and there's a way to correct it! So, if I were to start a cranio support thing, I would brand it with skulls! Cause that's what we're dealing with! Skulls! We want our babies to have these perfectly, round skulls!
(I fully understand that I'm absurd.)

Let social media not portray my life as perfect, because I find myself looking at other people's "social media life" as perfect. This life is full of all sorts of mess. But, who takes pictures of the mess? That would be strange. So this though, this is pretty sweet. When I went out of town with Eliza, Ken was dad of the year and loved on baby #1 and #3, and then decided to paint our bedroom. When I stay home with the girls, like everyday, I can barely put a bra on, much less paint a room.  

But it's perfect. He took this lamp, that I love, to the paint store, and then painted 1/3 of the way up on the walls, just like the lamp is. I love going to bed each night because I look at it and think, this guy. He even bought a tiny brush for Avery, and then painted a square on the wall of her to paint in while he painted. We never talked about painting it this way, not to any detail, just that we wanted to add some color to the bedroom. I'm glad he does stuff like this, because he knew I'd love it. 


Sharon said...

IVY TEETH just stole my heart! And I love the skulls. And you.

Lauren Tien said...

I love these posts you do of your daily life. Your girls are so lucy to have you as their mom. You are just so gracious and loving and I so admire how you share about your girls on here :) And that wall is amazing. What a great guy to do that for you and just know you'd love it!

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