to our babe-dad

Do you call your husband dad? I do, all the time. Then I thought, no, I have a dad, Ken's my babe. So I called him babe. Then Avery called him babe, and we had to remind her, Ken is your dad. So, she calls him babe-dad. And that's a perfect name for Ken. Our babe-dad.

People say to marry a man who will be a good father to your children. Without really knowing what that meant, I knew that Ken would be a great dad one day. He loves kids, is extremely patient and knows the exact moment when a daddy-daughter chat is needed, or when they just need a hug. He can make them all laugh, and boy these girls love their daddy. Just today, when dad went to work, (yes, on a Saturday. rude.) Ivy cried as he left.

What I love most about Ken's dad-ness is how he cares about the souls of our little daughters. He often says before bed, "babe, let's pray for our girls, that they would know and love Jesus." After days that are hard, that's what he wants to do at the end of the night. He loves to talk about his girls, "Babe, what are we going to do to help Avery understand _____" or "I think peanut just needs more love tomorrow" or "Ivy is so darn cute! She likes to grab my beard, it's so sweet."

Watching Ken become a dad has been one of the greatest joys in my life. He takes this calling very seriously, and is quite proud of his girls. When I go to his school to say hi, all the teachers and staff comment on, "Oh Ken talks about his girls all the time! We get to see pictures, they're so beautiful."

You'd think he had a blog dedicated to posting pictures of them. (...)

And know, some favorites from Ken's fatherhood (going 3.75 years strong.)
And don't worry if you can't tell who is who, cause I make CLONES.

To the #1 man in all the hearts of this house, 

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