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How want to hear the story of how I started the twirl shop? Okay, you do? Great.

I read blogs, love to read blogs. I always wanted to sew, so I found a blog that gives GREAT tutorials for simple things and then some super hard awesome things. That blog here: MADE

This lovely gal, Dana, seems so down to earth! Then she started to do a youtube series, and you know when you read a person's blog but you never hear their voice, it's sort of a mystery? Well, she's just adorable, and her personality on the video confirms what I already knew. On her website, check out tutorials. And get lost in them! And, she's great about responding to comments. I've asked her a handful of questions throughout my sewing journey and she's be more than helpful.

So, that was 2010.

Then I started to seeing all these etsy shops pop up with things that I HAVE MADE! or THINGS I CAN MAKE! And, I always put it in the back of mind, "when I start my etsy shop one day..." and so on.

Then Mardi Gras 2012! We wanted our krewe to be super heroes, and we wanted capes. So, we headed to the fabric store and found, what we have named, our signature fabric: the alkreweist blue. Seriously, when new people join our krewe, we tell them, "you need to buy 1.5 yards of alkreweist blue," as if that's what the store calls it. So, for 3 years, I have made about 30 adult sized capes, and a couple kiddo capes for my girls.

Then I did this photo project with Eliza where I took pictures of her every week on a different piece of fabric. GREAT excuse to buy lots of fabric. At the end of this project, I made her a quilt with most of the pieces. So, I sewed a quilt. I got that idea from Young House Love.

All the while, I was making skirts for Avery with scrap fabric I had from these different projects. Then I added a smaller one for Eliza, and I started getting comments. "You should sell these!" And this is where the dream became an reality. Thank to a handful of encouraging people!

I read this blog: THE ALISON SHOW. She is actually real life friends with one of my best friends from college. I emphasize real life because this is rare in blog world. So, Alison's blog became a daily hit for me, always reading what creative things she was up to. And she's pretty much 6 months ahead of all trends. I don't know how she does it. She makes beautiful things! (Including two babies) Her blog was like a gateway drug to mom blogs, that I have since become quite addicted to. I found those amazing moccasins! You know, the Freshly Picked girl? Yeah, Alison and her are BFFs. I'm not entirely sure why I used a drug reference. Oh well.

So, I was reading stories of stay at home moms, who had an idea, then made a plan, and got after it!
Then, Alison started this series, "How to be Awesome" and she nailed it! Her first episode is what did it for me. Literally, a week after watching it, I was setting up my etsy shop. (Watch all 6 episodes HERE.) In episode 6, she mentions investing in the people who invest in you. And she gave awesome homework, so that what this post is. So, "Hey Alison! THANK YOU GIRL! You have inspired me to be awesome!"

Other awesome people include my girl, Sharon. I texted her when I decided to go for it. "I'm starting an etsy shop. Twirl Girl, or something like that. All skirts, and then maybe later I'll make capes for kids. Thoughts?" with in seconds, "Yes, do it."

I told Ken when he came home from work, "Babe, you know those skirts I make? Well, I'm going to sell them. On etsy, then an art markets and such. Maybe I'll sell some at ZukaBaby. Thoughts?" with zeal, "I love it, babe. Let's make a business plan."

Then I texted my crazy talented friend, Rachelle for some branding ideas, and she just ran with the very little direction I gave and the most beautiful logo was created, and 100% professional quality. She hand drew "twirl" and now that's all over my skirts, business cards, etsy shop, etc. I don't know how I would have made myself legitimate if it weren't for her. She is amazing. Her instagram.

Then the day I launched the etsy shop, a friend from college, who has an adorable etsy shop herself, was my first sale! And she walked me through the entire process of buying and printing shipping labels, and how to get my skirts out to the world. Her style of advertising has been a model for me. Thanks Katy! (Her shop: KATYGIRLDESIGNS)

I spent every night, and every nap time sewing and sewing and I'm in love with it all. It's the most affirming thing when someone buys a skirt! I've sold a handful so far and I'm thrilled. I really had no idea how it would launch, but it's been so fun. I've been trying to get my name out there on popular mom blogs, trying to use skirts as collateral for and instagram post, or a blog shout out and we're getting there. Anyone have blogs I should contact?

There was always something that was stopping me from doing this. I was pregnant (not currently!!), or I didn't have time, or we didn't have money to start it, or Ivy's surgery, or fear that it would suck.

Then I was encouraged! By strangers and people who love me. And then I remembered this quote, that my friend had written on her wall in her room growing up, "If not now, when?" She was incredibly deep for a high schooler. (Hey Katy French!)

So, a big thank you to everyone who has visited the shop, bought a skirt, thrown out a compliment. Y'all are helping me have a lot of fun creating again. I used to paint, spray paint, stencil shirts, generally make giant messes all the time. Then I started making babies and this creative outlet was put on hold. I'm glad to be flexing this muscle again.

I also have the best models. 

Thanks for reading! If you haven't visited the shop, you should! 


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh. I love this. You twirl, girl!!

Shannon said...

So excited for you! Your skirts are beautiful!!!!!

Courtney Landry said...

Congrats! You could offer a giveaway through the New Orleans Moms Blog! I'm going to connect you by email to the founder!

Kels said...

Hi there! Just found your blog by way of The Allison Show. I just wanted to say that this is amazing!! You are so talented. Keep it up... you go girl!!


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