tales of the babe-dad

I was looking through photos last night, just feeling so grateful for Ken and his love for our daughters, that I ended up putting all these in a file titled "babe-dad" because that's what we call him in this house. He is steady and adventurous. He's a dreamer and a planner. He's in love with his girls. He balances all the ragging hormones in this house, and does it with grace. He's serves us like Christ does and models to us what faithfulness and unconditional love looks like. Another year of parenting with this guy and I can't believe we've been through this much together. Knowing this is only the beginning excites me. One day the girls will know how lucky they are, and in some ways, I think they already know. Thank you, Ken for the man you are and the father you've become. To the moon. 

Some favorites from this past year... 
Ivy's second night in the hospital might have been more difficult than her first. The heavy meds had worn off, and she was starting to realize she couldn't see and was frustrated. I had been at the hospital for two days at this point and Ken sent me home and stayed with Ivy. He stood next to her bed for hours rubbing her and calming her to sleep. This picture does a number on me. 

 < right before surgery || a few hours after >

 You'd be hard pressed to find a guy who loves Mardi Gras more than Ken. 


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