kid, you'll move mountians

I teach 2nd grade. 2nd grade is about the best grade to teach. Most know how to read, and some are emerging. They haven't reached that grade or age when they become aware of boys liking girls and all that mess that affects our ability to enjoy being silly. An even bigger plus, for me the teacher, 2nd grade does not have to take any standardized tests! With that, this past week was the Read Across America week that falls on Dr. Seuss' birthday. I ADORE his books. Imaginative, funny, inspiring- wonderful. My kids are I read many of his books, did an array of activites in his honor and on Friday, we all dressed up like Cat in the Hat and of course, dined on green eggs and ham. I told Ken yesterday that you know you have a pretty great job when you can dress up like Cat in the Hat for your casual Friday.

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emily said...

dear friend,
arent you glad you didnt give up on teaching when it was hard?

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