trouble the water

We saw an excellent documentary last night called Trouble the Water. It's about Katrina and how this couple, Kim and Scott, survived it from their house in the 9th ward. Kim happened to be video taping her life in the 9th ward 2 days before Katrina hit. After they got out of New Orleans, they are followed through the transitions of life and their efforts to come back to their home. They lived in the upper 9th ward that before the storm was not the best place to live for an array of reasons. It was great to watch this movie and know where they were in the city. I lived a few streets down from where they lived last year with my dear friend Emily. It's a movie everyone should see because it's a real account of what happened during and after Katrina. One word of caution: a good portion of the film is from someone's hand held so if you're like me and you get motion sickness, be prepared. Google Trouble the Water and hopefully you can find a showing.

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