viking love

Ken and I got to go to our first Mardi Gras ball! But, it was not your conventional ball. More of the underground scene of Mardi Gras here. It was a costume ball and some costumes were pretty provocative and some were really creative, and some people were just naked. Seriously, just naked. If your costume wasn't good enough, you had to take your pants off. Since we weren't going to risk Ken having to walk around in his boxers all night, we spent the day preparing our outfits. Then, instead of pre-partying, we went around pilliaging our villiage in the viking ship that Ken cleverly fashioned out of a bicycle box. People loved it, and it was so fun. The ball was one of the most obscure things we have ever done. It was wild to say the least and for the 4 hours we were there, it felt like we were in a different world. We are already thinking about our costumes for next year! If you ever get invited to M.O.M.S. Ball, you must go.

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scs said...

you people are too much fun! p.s. ken, we saw a funny
"hooty mcboob" shot of you two on FB w/ the toilet plungers. Ha! love, kev & sar

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