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Most of my day is filled with feeding, changing, calming, cleaning, and loving little Miss Avery. But there are points in the day when she's sleeping, and that's when I make things. I'm proud to say that I finally know how to use a sewing machine. With Ken's patience, I was able to learn how to use it. The sky's the limit now! I also have enjoyed reading craft blogs from some very talented ladies. Some of things they do...impressive! I also look at The Land of Nod catalogue and steal ideas because there is no way I'm spending that much on a felt ornament! These are some of the things I've made!

felt plush toys for Avery
(I'm hoping for make the alphabet, but I might just make her initials...:)

felt flowers: either clips, pins or headbands
(you will never see Avery wearing this, she hates to have things on her head)
Tutorial at this blog:

felt garland for the Christmas tree with a blanket stitch, and super easy!
Tutorial at this blog:

my fave: felt embroidered peace dove ornament
(idea from The Land of Nod Christmas catalogue)

burp cloth made from old towels & Ken's old Louis Armstrong T-shirt
(a great way to recycle things we were probably going to toss)

STOCKINGS for our family of 3!
(took a while to figure out how to make the top to fold over just right...)

a little cross-stitch action for the names
(taking me back to 8th grade needle point class...memories)

Now this took me a while to make, about 10 months.
Ken helped a lot. I'm pretty pleased with how she turned out.
I wouldn't change a thing!
(I don't have the tutorial blog for this one :)


Natalie said...

look at those eyelashes!

And I LOVE the burp cloths!

emily said...

you never cease to amaze me. girl, you got your own craft blog goin on!

just wait 'til she really sees those clip bows we made for her. you won't be able to keep things OUT of her hair!!!!

The Mangerchine's said...

Hooray for learning to use your sewing machine! Everything turned out so great!!!! I'm impressed that you've been so productive... I haven't ventured back into crafting yet, but hopefully will by Craft Night in January.

jasonmarkjones said...

1. the title of your blog is reason enough to start a blog! the bloggers kostrzewa....GENIUS

2. where is your etsy store?

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