It might not be common in your life to quote Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movies, but it is in mine. Clearly, MFEO means "made for each other." An obvious choice would be, "Oh, she's going to talk on and on about Ken and Avery." Oh, I'm not. Well, in a way, but not. I'm talking about the Relief Team. That is also common vocabulary that anyone close to me knows what I'm talking about when I say that. In short, relief team means: an incredible groups of people who felt called to serve a city that needed help and love, and in the mean time made lifelong frienships.

Let me give you some details, because it's important. After Hurricane Katrina, CRU (the organization formally know as Campus Crusade for Christ) organized trips for people to come and help New Orleans and other affected areas along the Gulf. Each person on the relief team came down on one of those trips. After Spring Break of 2006 was over, the work was far from completed. So, a team was assesmbled of people who wanted to give a year of their life to live and serve as needed in New Orleans. Here are the key players:

Team with some great homeowners, Sherry and Richie (aka: HMFIC)

We came from all over the county. 3 from California (including myself), 3 from Virginia (including my mister), 2 from Ohio, 1 from Nebraska, 1 from Kansas, and 1 from Oklahoma. This team is actually how I met Ken, when I met all these other amazing people. Amazing how from such a tragic event such as Hurricane Katrina came the beginning of my wonderful life.

So when I say, MFEO, I really feel that we, this team, were made for each other. I'm reminded everytime we get together. Some have stayed in New Orleans, like Ken and me, and some have moved back home. Some travel back for Mardi Gras and weddings. It's always so much fun when we are all together. The group has expanded be it with spouses or babies, but the core remains the same. I enjoy these people so much; they really feel like family.

9/2011 gathered for Steph's wedding
gotta do it

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