weekend agenda

Friday gets my pumped. The weekend is full of so many possibilites. I have many things that I want to work on, while Ken works on the house. We all know that Avery will be making one on September 30. She needs a par-tay. I have a few ideas of what this will look like, and it will be chill. We want our neighbors to come because they have watched her and talked to her so much in her first, that it seems obvious to have them all over. But dang pinterest, gives me too many ideas that I can't quite help myself. I'm trying not to go overboard with ideas because I'll just get down if I don't do them. Here are some few things that I want to do for the Avery, and additionally, somethings I want to craft this weekend.


Oh, and this is sweet. Lowes has a craft website! They are clever folks over there. This is a sweet kitchen, although I would like to use some older looking furniture because I think it would look cooler. And it's all about being cool when it comes to Avery's toys. Oh, and this is the wall color of her room next door. Looks good!

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