kiss means love


Avery is in her birthday month. When people see her and ask about how old she is, I now say, "almost a year." How did a year go by so fast? Sure, there were times in the beginning where I thought time was literally standing still, but now, can it please slow down? It's fun though to see her personality and new understandings bloom. I'm pretty sure she understands affection, in some way. In the past week she will lean in when we say, "kiss?" and plant a wet one on us. It's pretty adorable. But today when we were playing, I said, "Avery, I love you." And when I said that she leaned in and kissed me. Be still my heart! We kept playing, and I said I loved her again, and right away, she stopped playing and kissed me again.

She associates "love" with "kisses"!!!! How great is that? She knows that when we tell her we love her, it's normally followed with a kiss.

Oh, I'm so stinking happy about this development.

So happy.

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