a quality crafternoon

While Avery did this over the weekend...
I got some sewing done. Of course I didn't leave her there! We have noticed that she has been more crazy curious lately...

Now, if you ever are making a felt or fabric banner, you MUST use a rotary cutter. Seriously saved me loads of time. I'm pretty sure if I didn't have it, I would have made a much shorter banner. I bought this fabric, the white with multi-colored specks, from the local thrift store for $2. I got about 5 yards of it too! My friend said it looked like sheets she had as a kid. I love it- I made a skirt for Avery with it, one that she'll probably enjoy more when she starts walking. I made a template for the banner triangles out of the back of a composition notebook, folded the fabric a few times over, and went to slicing. I then used some bias tape to connect the pieces together. I also used some felt, because I love felt. I pretty much just grabbed each piece, unaware of order and it turned out pretty great.

I was hoping to make it long enough for the width of our front porch, but the bias tape was not long enough.
 (instagram picture, poor quality...)

So then I found my failed attempt at one of those felt wreaths that I had sitting in the corner with my other craft projects. Months ago I cut out nearly 100 felt circles in all sorts of bright colors, and then I stacked them on a clothes hanger, but I ended up getting bored with it. :) So I took it apart, what little I had done, and I sewed them together. I'm pretty sure this will take a permanet address in Avery's room next door after it's used to celebrate her birthday.

Since she was born, I have been wanting to make one of these. Her name is one of my favorite things in this world. Ken thought of it, and I, without hesitation said, "Oh my gosh, it's perfect!" I love saying her name, writing, singing it, making various nickname derived from it. I'm so happy with it. We're thinking it would be fun if all our kids have names that start with vowels. But let's not get ahead of ourselves...
(what would we do for "U"???)

Lastly, Ken and I took the babe for a drive last night. It was my first time with her in her new front facing seat. It was so much fun. She LOVES facing forward. Loves to feel the wind in her hair, kicks her legs like crazy, and I think she is having conversations with us.

We take drives around town looking at house colors that catch our eye. This one we BOTH liked. We wouldn't paint our door yellow, but we loved the gray and yellow inside window. The yellow on the ceiling porch is a little much for our taste, but overall, we thought this looked great. Painting the exterior of our house in a LONG ways away, but it's never too soon to get ideas.

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