best deal ever

The above picture has nothing to do with this post, it's just hilarious. Ken always takes the best pictures of her. Anyway, we have been talking to friends about helping the sibling transition when another baby comes along and people have recommended getting the sibling a present, like, "Congrats, you're a sister now!" In my mind, I see it as something to distract them while the new baby gets accustomed to life.

Avery loves Little People from Fisher Price. She inherited a lot of them from an older friend so we haven't bought any for her. I saw this barn set that I liked, but Ken was thinking bigger. "What about this car thing?" as he points to the object of Avery's affection every time she sees one at the park. She thinks that all toys at the park are for all the kids, just like the slides and swings. Makes sense to me! We looked at this "buggy cart" and we saw a beautiful little red clearance sticker. Those always make life better at Target. Then we read, "$2.56." Oh my stars, surely we have either stumbled upon the greatest deal or an unfortunate error. We take it to the front, and the lady says, "It's not scanning but this is what you're paying for it." Turns out, someone ordered it online, didn't like it but had opened it so when they returned it to the store, they could only sell it for like 10 bucks. Then, no one wanted it, so they needed to clear their shelves. Boom: $2.56.

Aaaaaaannnddd, I had a gift card! I could not have been more thrilled.
Aaaaannnndddd, in my mind it'll work like a stroller when I have the bitty baby in a sling or something and I'll push Avery in this.
Aaaaaannnndddd, she can get in and out of it pretty easily, I only have to snap her in.
Oh gracious me, best $2.56 I ever spent.

Per Avery's instruction, I had to put my hand on my head. The fact that we have the exact same expression on our face? It's cause she's my mini-me. Don't mind the sans pants, it's how we roll in the summer.  

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Shannon said...

GREAT deal! We paid $5 for a used one at a yard sale, which I thought was a great deal... but $2.56, and new, clearly you are a much better shopper than I!

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