it's my island

Seriously though, I'm excited.

Let's go!
I told you! I have an island!

Avery Island, your queen has arrived.

I get chocolate milkshakes on my island.

Part of having your own island, you have to greet everyone who walks by.

My island is historical for... salt.

Just checking things out.
My name and these are my muscles.

On my island, I get carried.
There are alligators on my island. We got real close to this one.
I had these signs put up, for the children.

But mom, dad, if you get me that close to a gator again...

There will be trouble, big trouble.

But seriously, can we do something else now?

I need to go check on some things on my island.

Ah, my birds. always good to see them.


Julie K said...

Too cute! Looks like you had fun.
I especially like the picture with the caption "I need to go check on some things on my island."

Ande said...

She's so adorable!

scs said...

Oh man, every time I read your blog I wished we lived closer to you fun people. How blessed are your children to have such fun folks?! Praying for you, Mel, with #2 incoming -- specifically that God would give you peace and help in delivery and nursing and other desires of your heart! May His grace be sufficient for all the changes ahead! P.S. Avery, we hope our boys get to visit your island one day. And for that matter, New Orleans as well!

Shannon said...

so cute! you write the best captions, and Avery makes the best faces!

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