memory lane

It's hard to say if I like digital photos. I love that you can take unlimited amounts of pictures, but I find that I never get them printed. We spent a whole chunk of change for our wedding photos, and the company went bankrupt and it took 2 years to get our pictures on a CD, and we never got the album that we paid for. Completely lame. But the pictures are beautiful, just stored on my computer. Then a year ago, Ken's family had some pictures taken of Avery over mother's day weekend and they are so wonderful. But alas, they remain on a disc. I love pictures, love love love houses that are filled with pictures of their family. Heck, I love to have my picture taken. So last night I finally ordered some prints. I could wallpaper our house with Avery photos, but I didn't want it to look like shrine so I ordered just a few. After, of course, doting on her sweet 7 month old face for about an hour. Join me if you will:

I miss that little wrist chub

This reminds me of how her sweet little ears poked out a little

miss personality!

printed, soon to be by my bedside. talk about beauty

I love this pose, but the smile seems forced

The one we picked for our fave. Caught those baby blues that we love.

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Lindsay said...

Seriously, you guys made the cutest baby ever. Seriously.

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