4 weeks

I'm trying to be on my game a bit better. Here's the little lady at 4 weeks. Just today she's finally waking up to the world. Making all sorts of noises and facial expressions. Her eyes are so big and bright too. She's has a bit of a cold, and it normally bothers her at night when she's trying to eat but other than that, she's a calm baby. I have been draining her out with those big sucker things non stop. Who knew I could get such satisfaction from seeing snot? That, and a poopy diaper? The joys of being a mother.

Fourth Week Highlights:
  • Waking up and seeing a bit of her personality
  • Growing out of some newborn clothes
  • Sleeps for 5 hour stretches at night

Since I had the camera out, I don't want you to forget about the other child, Miss Avery. Her hair is AMAZING these days, wild and crazy just like her. She made 21 months June 30 and has since been on a talking spree. Nothing extremely articulate but we can understand her. Like today for instance, I got her up and made her breakfast. She saw something on the counter that she wanted. Some weird word kept coming out of her mouth. Ken walks in and hands her a spoon. She was definitely not saying spoon, but Ken knew exactly what she wanted. Very funny. 

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Shannon said...

Avery's hair and eyes are GORGEOUS!!!! Love her!!!!

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