5 weeks

This week marked Eliza's one month of life! I really can't believe a month has gone by; it has flown! I felt like super mom when I took both girls to the pediatrician for their well checks but then I saw a mom in there with 5 kids all with appointments. Maybe next time! Eliza has been giving us some smiles and has been awake more than in her first few weeks which has been fun. Her runny nose is calming down and I find myself using the snot sucker thingy far less. Tummy time has been great and when we hold her now she shows a bit more control. Her sleeping is going well, and honestly since she's so chill during the day, it's not like we aren't resting when Avery's sleeping and it's just Eliza. She's a doll.

Fifth Week Highlights:

  • One month!
  • The beginnings of some smiles
  • No more newborn clothes
  • Sweet sweet coos here and there :) 

Who knew I'd like the matchy matchy style but it's been fun so far. Our friend Cambria got us these shirts that I need in my size. The four seasons in New Orleans. How darn clever. I love these pictures of them, you can see Avery already doting on her sissy. Warms my heart! 

1 comment:

emily rhodes said...

LOVE love love love LOVE. i can tell eliza is more "awake to the world" (to borrow your beautiful phrase). those eyes are really ready for discovering! love the last picture especially--how do you not just spend your days staring at those beautiful girls??

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