8 weeks

Eliza is a great little baby. We enjoy her so much and her sister is incredibly fond of her. She is a great sleeper and only fusses when she needs a diaper change or some food. This week she has been smiling a ton, especially when Avery reads to her. Avery gets so excited when she smiles. Heck, we all do. She  did have a stranger danger moment, we think. Our friend held her the other day and Eliza would not stop crying. Took quite some time to comfort her and calm her down. I had to pull out the tricks that calmed Avery that had to do all the time. It was so strange. Thankfully she hasn't done that since. Who knows what was bugging her. I always think it's gas.

Eighth Week Highlights:

  • No more newborn clothes, too short! 
  • Had a clogged tear duct but it's clear now
  • Will sleep from 10-6 almost every night, but for two nights she slept till 8!
  • Beautiful smiles

This is fun! I wrote a post about Avery at 8 weeks. Here's the picture from it. I'm pretty sure Eliza cannot hang with the bumbo just yet. I think my babies look just a tad bit alike.

1 comment:

gabrielle belesprit said...

your girls are darling! what dolls. congratulations to you and ken! :)

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