baby shower time

Our church here in New Orleans has the most babies of any church in the world. I don't have hard data to support that statement, but I'm confident I'm right. Currently there are 8 women pregnant of a congregation of about 150. We have added to those stats with two babes in the past two years. I got two beautiful showers and so many women came to show their love for my daughters. I have also been to about 1 million showers in the 5 years I've been a member of our church.

It was about time I hosted one, and seeing how tomorrow I'll probably hear about another pregnant woman, I'll get the chance to perfect the art of baby shower hosting.

Cayla's baby boy is expected any day now and it'll be fun to see what a boy looks like from her family. She has two adorable girls who are the same ages apart as Avery and Eliza. She threw my shower for Eliza that was a homemade spa day. Perfect.

For her shower, she didn't need anything because she has all the baby stuff she could want. It was at night and dad's were invited. Basically an excuse for a party, and an excuse for me to make blue decorations.

Ken's mustache mug came in handy for a boy themed vase for the blooms from some basil. The pennants are comprised of an old table cloth, kens old laundry bag, a crib sheet I bought at a thrift store and some felt that I most likely took from my old school. Cheap and easy. 

Ken making sure all the snacks were up to par. Ken tested, Ken approved. 

Your standards: spinach dip in some Hawaiian bread, caprese skewers, stuffed mushrooms, mustard breadsticks, and tomato tarts.

I bought this green beverage dispenser from Sam's club over a year ago and it definitely came in handy tonight. Just water with about 4 lemons squeezed in. We just used our glasses and two bottles of wine did the trick for the beverage department. 

Avery was pretty much the hostess of this party. She gave everyone an orange plate with one chip on it. Even if you didn't want one, you got one. Everyone was gracious in letting her serve them. And she got to stay up extra late. She was thrilled.

 Nothing says "classy baby shower" like sidewalk chalk. Maybe our porch can use a paint job? 

Nothing beats having your house filled with people you care about. 

Happy baby shower, Cayla! Can't wait to meet this fella! 

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