9 & 10 weeks

Ninth Week Highlights:
  • Two month mark: 90% height and 75% weight
  • Super sleeper, consistently 9-7ish through the night

Eliza stretched out this month with her height at 90% and weight still at 75%. This girl is a delight. Super chill, loves to be around people but doesn't have to be the center of attention. She's starting to coo a lot and it's the sweetest sound. Some days she'll nap most of the day but still sleep through the night. She sleeps a lot more than Avery did at this age. Last Saturday was her first thrifting trip and she did quite well. We use the Ergo carrier a lot and I love it. She prefers to be snuggled up on me which is precious. Avery didn't like the carrier thingy. I think that was more me being nervous.

Tenth Week Highlights:

  • Went to Bloomin' Deals with mommy
  • Wearing 3-6 month Gerber onesies, 0-3 months in everything else 
  • Loves taking baths

These faces, I love these faces! 

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