11 weeks, like a boss

As most of you probably know, a little hurricane came to town named Isaac and we decided to stay when the mayor gave a voluntary evacuation. It ended up making its way over our city Tuesday night, and when Eliza woke up the next day, she was 11 weeks old. I actually took this picture on the right day, last Wednesday, but we just got internet back at the house today. I titled this "like a boss" because little miss Eliza slept through a hurricane after being moved from room to room as we lost power and the house got really hot. She didn't seem to mind any of the changes and managed to sleep from 8-8. Wow! Impressive little baby. We even spent the night at a neighbor's house who had power and she again, was sound asleep for almost 13 hours. We feel very blessed. Her and Avery sleep the same amount now during the night. She is growing up too fast for me.

Eleventh Week Highlights:

  • Survived first hurricane
  • Slept through her first hurricane
  • Consistently sleeps from 8-8 
  • Is loved my mosquitos, just like her mommy and sister (got a nice bite on her forehead)
  • Starting to spend short periods of time in her bumbo seat (that has that new harness after the recall)

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