12 weeks

The beginning of Eliza's 12th week was spent without power! We were without power for about 4 days due to Isaac and I was worried the heat would bother her but she was business as usual. Eating, sleeping, pooping. Our daughters are better at handling these humid days because it's all they have known! Our house did get pretty warm towards the end, so we spent the night in different places and Eliza (and Avery) slept great wherever they went. Eliza is moving and grooving more and more. She likes to sit up in her bouncy seat, really working her core. She is long too, her legs are hanging over her car seat and her bouncy. She will coo and smile when you talk to her. She is very close to laughing, and I try just about everything to get her to laugh. Any day now! 

Twelfth Week Highlights:
  • Endured 4 days without power
  • Coos and smiles all day
  • Starts to suck over her index finger when she's tired and puts her hand behind her head

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