16 weeks

Eliza has been squealing so much lately, it's the greatest sound. She's hasn't laughed yet, but she'll squeal when she's happy and kick her legs a lot. She loves spending time on the floor exploring what her arms and legs can do. She's been pushing up with one leg and will normally end up in a different position by the time she's done playing. She's been doing great with tummy time, doesn't really bother her much anymore. I'm trying to get her to roll over but she's not too interested it that yet.

Sixteenth Week Highlights:

  • Squeal fest 2012
  • Attended a wedding shower (held at our casa)
  • Learning her limbs! 
  • First picnic at the park, I think she loved it
  • Will wake up about 20 minutes before Avery and will snuggle with mom

*If you want to see her weekly pictures only, click on the tab that says Eliza Page. You'll see how much she's grown!*

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