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I always love hearing how friends picked the names of their kids. So if you do too, here's how we picked Eliza's name.

As with Avery's name, Ken thought of Eliza's name. When he first mentioned it, I thought of Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady which resonated with my musical loving heart. He wasn't thinking this, he just liked the way it sounded. So, we decided on it. Funny thing is, my middle name is Elizabeth and apparently my full name, Melanie Elizabeth Kostrzewa is too long for the computers at the doctors office because my letters from them say Melanie Eliza Kostrzewa. It was a sign. Eliza also mean's "My God is a Vow." Beautiful.

Then for the middle name. We hope to pay tribute to our families with the middle names of our kiddos. I love when I hear unique middle names or even first names and people share that it's the name of their great grandpa or something like that. Avery's middle name is Elizabeth which is my middle name, Ken's sister Julie's, my mom's, my Grandma Rhoads' and my Grandma Elmore's first name. 

My Grandma Rhoads passed away last year. She was an incredible woman who I admire so much. She was strong, witty, and loving. All qualities that I hope my girls will hold. Her name was Margaret and I thought that would be a great name for our daughter, and we'd call her Maggie. I have a cousin named Maggie, and my brother and sister-in-law's dog is named Maggie so I felt that name taken. Then I thought of her maiden name, which was Page. And it clicked, Eliza Page.

So there is it, our lovely Eliza Page. A strong name for the sweetest little babe.

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Sharon said...

We did the same thing by paying tribute to family with middle names for our kids. And we also used a maiden name for Lilly (Spring is my mom's maiden name). Caleb's is William, my dad's middle name. I'm a sucker for tradition!

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