18 weeks

Eliza is staying consistent with her sweetness, her sleeping through the night-ness, and her 99% of the time happiness. Her legs are super strong and when she's nakie she likes to kick them and scoot herself around with them. See exhibit A: taking this photo is starting to pose a new challenge. Get a good smile before the legs attack the fabric!

Eighteenth Week Highlights:

  • Plays with her toes
  • Turned 4 months (getting checked up tomorrow)

Our mornings are fun. Always.
Lots of kisses.
You are yummy. 

I found my toes! 

1 comment:

gabrielle belesprit said...

cuuuute kids! avery looks soo much like you in the picture of her with the crayons!

how do you manage all of this sweetness!?

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