17 weeks

Our little lady bug hit some fun milestones this week! Her first roll over from tummy to back and her first laugh! It was great, so fun to hear and see her grow. She'll laugh when she's tired and hungry, which is so like her. Most people would be ticked off, but Eliza just laughs it off. For mom, however, I sometimes worry if I'm too obsessed with my kids. They are just so awesome!!

Seventeenth Week Highlights:

  • Rolled from tummy to back with ease
  • Really enjoys tummy time
  • Probably the in the last week she'll fit into gerber 3-6 months onesies
  • Loves the ergo, we go everywhere in it
  • Started sucking her thumb

 It was cold for like two days this week, I got a little carried away. I love these tights!

If only every store had carts like this. Made shopping 100 times cuter.

Her head is so round, I love it. 

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