19 weeks

This was a big week for little miss EPK. After the 4 month mark, she started to fight sleep a bit and it actually required some sleep scheduling and training. This girl though, would fuss for like 2 minutes and then fall asleep. She now takes a nap at 9 and then again at 1. Sometimes she'll take a short cat nap at around 5, then down for the count at 7. Also, she started rolling from back to front and now will not stay on her back when I lay her down. Tummy only for this girl. After cruising around town in our tandem stroller, the wheel decided to fall off so we got the double jogger out and we have been having a blast with it. So easy to get around in it and Avery loves to put her hand on Eliza's leg to show love. Eliza squeals, laughs, and coos all day. She loves to smile at Avery, and Avery will do anything to make her sissy happy. Melts my heart every time. Thankfully, the "i'm mad at mom so i'll hit sissy in the head" moments were minimal if not absent this week so I can trust them to play on the ground a bit more. We started some foods and now the girls will take their baths together in the "big girl bath" which saves time, and water.

Nineteenth Week Highlights:

  • Learned how to sleep on a schedule
  • First taste of food- sweet potatoes (not incredibly interested...)
  • First bath in the big tub
  • Rolls from back to tummy
  • First pumpkin patch trip
  • Cruises in the jogger stroller, no more car seat (except in the car of course)
  • 4 month check up: 75% in height (25cm) and weight (15lbs)

 Patch time, first pair of shoes too

 Hanging at the library with sissy

 Big girl bath! 

 Makes my heart happy

 Sweet potatoes for my little sweet potato
Action shot! 
 "Hey, when do I get to play?"
 In the process of figuring out our sleep schedule, this happened a lot. 

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