okay, okay

"You gave birth to the same baby!"
...Um, you have no idea, they are so different.

"You look just like your sister," to Eliza.
...nope, you're wrong.

As if it will hinder their individuality if people say they look alike, I'm so quick to say how different they are. But what I quickly forget is that everyone else doesn't spend every waking moment with them, so of course I know every detail that is different. To most people, I have two blue-eyed, bald-headed, chubby, white babies. I also take into account their personality differences, which are vast.

Then the weather changed and Eliza's little cheeks became rosy, and Ken and I both thought, oh dang, she looks like Avery. I found a picture of Avery at around 4 months, and then took this picture of Eliza today, around 4.5 months both kicking it in their exersaucer and there you have it.

"Your girls are like twins!"
...okay, okay. i guess.

Please note, there is a tiny mirror where they are both looking.
Avery might not like her reflection, where Eliza looks skeptic at best.

Also, aren't those cheeks yummy?

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