20 weeks

Happy Halloween! Eliza's first halloween was a huge success. She was an adorable little monkey (thank you walmart $10) and it kept her warm as she watched her sister trick or treat along state street last night. This week was fun for Eliza! She met her Grandpa Kostrzewa (Ken's dad) and a close family friend, Camille (who was Ken's babysitter his whole life practically). She's been spending a lot of time in her exersaucer which she actively plays with. I think it wears her out too! We think she's cutting teeth on top, but we don't really know about that. With the cooler weather, her cheeks get real rosy

Twentieth Week Highlights:

  • First Halloween
  • Met Grandpa Kostrzewa
  • Met Camille
  • Hanging in the exersaucer
  • Rolls all over the place
  • Possibly cutting teeth
  • Blows bubbles, like she's mocking you in a sweet way.
  • Loves to be on her tummy! 
  • Becoming more interested in toys, will grab them if in front of her

 "Psssshh!! Don't be absurd, mother."

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