ten on ten : october

So, I'm giving this a try. 10 pictures, 10 hours, on the 10th of the month.
I broke so many rules doing this, but it was fun regardless. 
Hopefully I'll actually keep up with it. I've seen it on a few blogs I read, so I'm joining the party this month. I even added the little button. >>>>
I'm so tech-ee. Did you catch that sweet arrow?
Here we go: 

7:00ish: Day begins

8:00ish: feed Eliza / coffee and internet for mom

9:00ish: get everyone dressed
 for our daily walk. eliza in ergo, avery in car

10:00ish: pick up a donut for dad at the local donut shop and deliver it

10:30ish: the school down the block in on fall break, a playground all to herself...

 to help overcome a recent fear of heights.

11:00ish: visit the garden to pick flowers

12:00ish: admire the flowers while Avery finishes lunch

1:00ish: she wakes up like this EVERY TIME. happiest baby. 

 5:00ish: convince dad to head to Juan's for dinner

7:00ish: pinkalicious with dad before bed

 How did that go? Well...

  • What happened between the end of Eliza's morning nap and dinner included a few time outs, a few thrown sippy cups, a bit of spit up and a lot of laundry. I didn't fold any, just acknowledged that there was a lot. 
  • I used like 14 pictures, not 10. Nice work.
  • I didn't take one an hour because a picture of a time out is not pretty.
  • Neither is poop, which is a main part of everyday here at Chez Kostrzewa.
  • I should have included a picture of me checking instagram because I do that ALL DAY but the logistics of making that happen required a tripod. No thanks. 
  • Aaaannnddd... a picture of me watching an episode of Law and Order when I feel that Avery is distracted enough. I'm on season 8 and I'm about ready for Benson and Stabler to hook up. The tension is killing me.
  • Lastly, Eliza in tights? Mom and Avery is sweaters? Oh yes, it's a frigid 73 degrees here. I'm either a lightweight or so dang thrilled to not walk outside and immediately sweat that I got out the ever-so-small winter clothes box too soon. 

There you have it, a snapshot of normal. This ten on ten business is a perfect way for me to blog because I get so distracted writing a post about any one thing, this encourages you to be all over the place. 

Let's plan to meet again like this next month. 

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