22 weeks

It hit me this week that Eliza is growing up fast. She's been scooting around, will get up on all fours and then scoot backwards which means crawling is around the corner. And when they crawl, they loose a bit of baby-ness to me. Anyway, I'm trying to enjoy her baby-ness as much as I can. In all honesty, I don't now how much I enjoyed Avery's baby-ness because she was a harder baby for me. Combined with my first time mother-ness, I think I wanted her to be talking and walking quickly so that it would be easier. Eliza is so kick back, I'll just hold her for the longest time because she will let me. She's also smaller than Avery was at her age, but still bigger than most other babies her age. She seems so tiny, and I want her to stay that way. Avery calls her peanut. It's adorable. She has taken to food more this week, seems to enjoy it and it's not everywhere anymore. She'll stare so hard at whatever food we're eating, or when I make her bottle. She's eaten bananas, sweet potatoes, brown rice cereal, and the some bits of our food that we let her nibble. 

5 months old in this picture
All the ladies in their hoodies
 Snuggly with mommy!
 Eliza has officially inherited the gray hoodie from Avery.

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gabrielle belesprit said...

Aww...what a pretty girl! She has "old soul" eyes. Not "old soul" in the grumpy old man way, but in the happy person who has lived a fulfilling life and knows all its secrets best.

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