21 weeks

Another great week for EPK. That darn daylight savings time only changed her schedule for like a day or so, but she's back to her bomb.com sleeping thing. Nothing exceptional to report, tried bananas the other day, but she would have rather just sucked on it like a paci. Avery inhaled solid foods when we introduced them, but I think she was bit older.

Twenty-First Week Highlights

  • Scoots around the house
  • Voted with Mom

Our first family photo where everyone's eyes are open.

Nobody puts baby in the corner, I do it myself
 Always want to hug sissy... EP maybe not feeling it yet. 

My "woke up early from my nap" face

Pepper is Eliza's #1 fan 

 Eliza is Avery's #1 fan

 All day, everyday. Best job.

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