23 weeks

Eliza plays on this quilt every day. The fabric is from my great grandma's collection of scraps from all the dresses she made my grandma. I'm guessing my grandma was a pretty well dressed girl! My grandma had this quilt made with these pieces, then gave it to my mom who then gave it to me. I love it so much! It also serves as an activity mat because Eliza will stare and grab at the different patterns, colors, and shapes. Avery then likes to find matches and yell, "SAME!" So, thanks great grandma Carlson, who would have thought your great-great granddaughters would one day play on the fabric you collected. 

Twenty-third Week Highlights:

  • Gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth
  • First Blues Festival with the fam
  • 5 month check up: 3 shots (boo!) and 75% in height & weight
  • First time on the swing
  • Laughs the hardest for Avery, apparently mom and dad aren't funny

 First swing!

 You have no idea how much fun this is

 hey scoooooter, and nice floors babe!

 this dress and a baby in white tights. yessss.

 action shot of the rocker!

EPK was NOT a fan of this round of shots, cried all the way the car 

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