Avery is chatty. Always with something to say. Lately it's been hilarious. 

Ken: Avery, what did you do today?
Avery: Mama take a nap, get up mama. 

Walking towards to the door with my purse on her shoulder.
Avery: I go to store, buy cottage cheese. Bye mama!
Mel: Oh, can you get some other things while you're there?
Avery: Okay.
Mel: You should probably make a list. Get some paper.
Grabs notepad and orange marker.
Avery: Okay mama. Go.
I list about a dozen things and she scribbles after each one.
She puts the list in the purse, with the marker.
Avery: Get keys, go to grocery store. Bye mama. Come on Sissy.

At the instant any type of music starts playing.
Avery: Mama look, Avery dancing.

Whenever my purse is in arms reach, and she's 37 inches tall, so basically all the time.
Avery: Find George? Where George go?
Finds dollar bill. 
Avery: I see George! I see George! Where Abe Lincoln?
Finds pennies, and then a quarter.
Avery: I see Abe Lincoln, and George!! 

Shows sign of needing to use the potty.
Avery: No potty underwears, Avery need potty. Donut?
Donut referring to this weird looking thing that goes on the potty. 

When Eliza fusses in the car
Avery: I right here Sissy! I right here! 

When Eliza cries in the car
Avery: (singing) oohhh lil liza, lil liza page! oh lil liza, lil liza page! 
80% of the time, Eliza will stop. Nice work.

Running down the hall at the speed of light
Avery: Underwear on my face! Where Avery go? I right heeere!

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Shannon said...

absolutely precious!!!!

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