halloween fun

New Orleans seems to do every holiday really well. Whether you're into the party scene or if you have a two year old and a baby with a bedtime, you can still have fun. While we never really did the french quarter scene on Halloween, we did ride our bikes downtown one year and participate in a critical mass, on our tandem bike no less and it was crazy fun. Sometimes I think to forgo Halloween because it'll be dark and Avery might get spooked. But New Orleans families make it happen. On State street, which is a really nice street here closes down from 5:30 till the candy runs out and it's packed with people. We live not far from the action so we drove as close as we could and parked a couple blocks away from where the trick or treating started. We started around 5:45 and Avery went to about 20 houses and got a good amount of candy. She was focused and stoic. Eliza was content in the Ergo and the weather was perfect too. Avery said thank you to almost everyone. It was so fun to see all the costumes and parents drinking wine. We need to bring a cooler next time! We ended the night trick or treating as some of our neighbors houses and both girls were in bed asleep by 7:45. Success! And here's the proof:

 The shirt was the exact color of her eyes, beauty!

 Mom DIYed the costume madness, super easy and fun

 A peacock holding a monkey, always a good time

 Peacocks needs to take chalk breaks
 There's candy on the horizon!

peacock booty

Snuggly little monkey

We wore our Mardi Gras capes, common super heroes. 

 The best house! 

Fake smile, cause I'm too busy counting my loot!

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gabrielle belesprit said...

cute cute! both of your girls have the best eyes! soo pretty :)

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