28 weeks

We talked a big game when we got pregnant with Eliza claiming that, "Of course, they'll share a room!" But then when she came, I got so anxious about them sharing a room and never sleeping through the night again. Avery likes to talk a lot before bed, sometimes sing, a lot of times- yell. I was surprised, however, at how well she "understood" her mom and dad when we said, "No talking in bed, just go to sleep." Avery did a lot of new things in this past month, one of those things being sharing a room with Eliza. She now sleeps in a big girl bed and sleeps in her underwear. We are really proud of her. 

One night though, Eliza had a hard time falling asleep so I told Avery to sing to her. So she did (ohhhh, Eliza, Eliza Page!) and Eliza fell asleep! Ken and I celebrated with a high five so grateful that our girls are awesome. Then about 10 minutes later, Eliza woke again crying real hard. Then Avery started yelling, "Eliza!!! Stop!" Ken went in and Avery goes, "Avery no want Eliza in the bed." But with some cuddles, Eliza was fast asleep, as was Avery. All that to say, they have both been doing a great job; our girls are growing up! 

Twenty-eighth Week Highlights:
  • Shares a room with Avery! 
  • No more pac n play, an actual crib
  • First Christmas
  • Gets up on all fours and has learned to army crawl

 Avery wore this sleeper on her first Christmas when she was almost 3 months old. It fits Eliza the same way at about 6.5 months. Another reason why we call her peanut. 


emily rhodes said...

yes! and i have some sweet shots of avery in that Christmas outfit from way back when... <3

emily rhodes said...

yes!! and i have some sweet shots of the aves in that very same Christmas outfit, from wayyyy back when... <3

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