31 weeks

We have a crawler on our hands! She will follow Avery around the house, it's so adorable. On that note, she is obsessed with Avery. She will cry the instant Avery leaves her sight. Avery will go, "I right here Eliza!" and then Eliza will squeal with delight! We're trying a more baby led food eating approach and that seems to be going well. Last night we had beans with dinner and I just fed her from my plate and she enjoyed it. I'll still give her the purees I made cause I made a lot, but I want to start letting her work on what she sees us eat. Hopefully that will help her like more foods. Anyway, peanut is still our peanut. 7 month appointment went well and I can't believe she's that old already! Time flies. 

Thirty-first Week Highlights:
  • officially crawling!!
  • 7 month check up- 17 lbs 15 oz :: 27 1/2 inches
  • really cute


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