the not-so-fun crafts

We're almost done with January and this "crafty" list took a pause for our krewedelusion parade but we're back at it. Organizing the girls' clothes is something I dread/love to do. It's always emotional to put away clothes that Eliza has grown out of, and then fun to think about the outfits that she'll soon wear that Avery wore. Clearly Ken would have zero interest in this, so it was my project. Also, I have come to realize that sizes are very different between brands. I really want to write out how the different brands actually wear on babies. 

On to the project, I thought there were only 6 bins but there were actually 9. Eliza has grown out of the first set of cloth diapers and the shells, so those needed to be backed away too. 
  • make some art for the bathroom (Mel)
  • sew curtains for the front room (Mel)
  • buy a thick rug so Eliza stops knocking her head on the hardwood floor (both)
  • paint another coat of yellow on the kitchen window, white on the dining and living room windows (both)
  • organize the 6 bins of girls clothes so that they are in some logical order (Mel) 
  • give away the clothes that neither of the girls have worn, along with toys that are not faves (Mel)
  • hang rod in the girls closet and install a shelf (Ken)
  • finish trim work in the bathroom (Ken)
  • design the Kostrzewa manifesto (both)

sorting zone...

end result:
three bins to the attic :: four bins to the storage space above the girls' closet

 and a car full of toys and clothes for goodwill

now onto the fun stuff...

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