night of delusion

Hands down one of my favorite nights of the year, krewedelusion. This is our 4th year as the Alkreweists and it's get better each year. Remember last year? The theme of the whole parade was "Branches of Government" and our inner krewe theme was "Supreme Court Justice League". Every year we are super heroes and we wear blue capes, so we added graduation gowns and wigs, and whole lot of glitter and we became judges. We made gavels and we handed out "pardons" and edicts. When the throws ran dry about half way through the parade, we hit people on the head with our gavels, and let me tell you, people ate it up. 

I feel like for people who don't live in New Orleans, this doesn't make much sense, but I do fear that my description in words would fall short of adequately painting a picture of the magic of our parade. With that being said, I was able to get some pictures of the before, and few from the beginning, but we were having such a delusional time, I forgot to take more. 

But isn't that how you want life? 

Our Krewe, the Alkreweists

the key players: uncle "dancing man" teeter, mama justice, and el capitan

some posed pictures before things got too delusional


a couple that parades together, stays together

see you next year!! 

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