33 weeks

Eliza is a full on crawler now! She wants to get into everything, especially her sister's toys. We're trying to get her to pull food up to her mouth to eat but so far we end up with a lot of food on the floor. Avery helps out though. She's starting to pull up and we predict she'll walk sooner than Avery did, probably because she's trying to either keep up or get away! 

Thirty-third Week Highlights:
  • First Mardi Gras parade, even though the big ones are coming up this week.
  • will NOT lay on her back for her weekly pic! 

 They are so in love with each other. They have to be near each other all the time.

Meal time gets a little messy, but full of smiles!

First parade, and she did great snuggled with mom. 

And this started. She will be walking soon we think. It's crazy when babies start to do this. She has hit her head so many times because she'll get up, but won't know how to gently let her set down. 

I got Eliza dressed from her bath, went back to the tub to wash Avery's hair, and look who was in the hallway when we came out. Just looking for her sister, can't be apart for 2 minutes. 

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