missing in memphis

is that a romantic comedy waiting to happen? probably not.
so i'm in memphis watching first year teachers and i'm enjoying it. i like the work.
however, i'm physically longing for my family.
EVERYTHING makes me think of ken (pepsi, fat tire, americanos, aaaaany love song of the radio)
or avery (i literally stop at parks and stare for a few minutes and i can almost see her coming down the slide.)
and eliza? my sweet baby? i long for her smell, the way she breathes in my ear and I know she's smiling.

blaaahh, for fear of crying in a coffee shop, i'll stop there.

but this picture. it's the wallpaper of my phone and i laugh each and every time.
seriously, EACH TIME.

funniest baby on the planet.

so soon my loves. i will see you soon. 

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