we're still doing this... 34 & 35 weeks

So, these are accurate pictures even though I'm currently a week behind and I'm just posting them. Eliza will be 37 weeks this coming up Wednesday. (who cares... ) Blogging has taken a back seat to Mardi Gras and my new job. 

I know my fans (hi mom and emily rhodes) are wondering what happened!! 

Did you know that you can click on the eliza page tab and see every week in a nice long list? you can look at it every night before you go to bed not that I do that or anything, every night

So basically Eliza...
  • crawls EVERY WHERE
  • pulls up on EVERYTHING
  • eats ANYTHING 
  • smiles for EVERYONE
  • laughs for NO ONE
  • and LOVES getting her nose cleaned by mom. nope, actually hates it. 
  • aaaaaaannnd... she WAVES. 
  • oh, she was IN a mardi gras parade. hereby declared coolest baby. 

Getting real hard to get her to lay still for anything these days. Like, Eliza, this is a photo shoot. Work with me! Don't even get my started with changing her diaper. Giiiiirrrl....

The one with the hearts, a valentines day special, I had an assistant, her daddy. Eliza won't take her eyes off him. She's making her move to winning over his heart. Poor guy has three ladies who are love him so dearly. And if we count "the ladies" this guy never run out of females who love him, need him, and just want to be held by him. MAN of the house.

So, I'm beginning to think I do better with pointless rambles with a few pictures here and there of the kids. So that's what's gonna happen here. Weekly pictures might just be found in the eliza page tab which I know you already made your homepage by now

(why haven't you...??)

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