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I almost threw the towel in with this photo project, but i'm like 11 weeks away from the good old 52, so I thought I'd make an effort to finish. Eliza is the worst laying down model. She won't have anything to do with it. It takes work to get these snapped.

But let's talk about the peanut, also known as Eliza Page.

She does some pretty adorable things. Laughs when everyone is laughing, claps when she likes her food, smiles a lot, relatively happy, sweet little love. She does, however, have some spice to her. In the morning, you (mom) better be ready when she's awake. I'll hear her yapping and I'll usually wait too long to go in there, so she'll start crying. Then Avery will wake up and say, "hi peanut, you sleep good? i go potty peanut." Then Eliza looses it. Lovely girl; just can't be alone. I think I should just get up earlier. <moral of the story>

Eliza has loud morning sometimes. LOUD. And it's nothing more than a monotone "aahhhhh!" on repeat. Avery joins in with the fun, and mom drinks more coffee. Then some mornings, a stack of books and some cheerios and she'll be content till her morning nap. Ken will usually get a text around 8:30, "Having a LOUD morning, like LOOOUD." He knows what I'm talking about.

The purpose of these anecdotes about Eliza's first 365 days are for me really, but something about a public place encourages me to record more frequently. I have the most detailed journal of Avery's first ... 3 months. Thankfully I made a huge mental note about when she first walked, but her other milestones are fussy. #firsttimemomfail #hashtagsdon'tworkonblogs

Here are the last 3 weeks, taken not 3 weeks apart. #secondtimemomfail.

I'm hit or miss with the lighting on these pictures. I take them at the same time, mid afternoon and they look so different! Any suggestions? 

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