hand, foot, and no party disease

As we all know, the peanut known as Eliza Page turned one June 13. We decided to have her party on June 22, and I wanted to incorporate all those silly pictures I took of her throughout the year. So, the invite looked like so:

Since we called her peanut, almost exclusively, I thought we should have peanuts at the party. It's hard being this clever. I bought some peanut bags off etsy, and let those colors be a theme of sorts. I made a banner for the porch with left over fabric I had. 

On her birthday, she was so happy! She had her one year check up, took 3 shots really well, and smiled for everyone. Even earned an Elmo sticker that magically made her stop crying after her shots. Healthy and thriving! 90% for height and 50% for weight. 

That night, we had dinner with some dear friends to honor the men in our church who recently became elders. We brought dessert, which meant only one thing: Chantilly Berry Cake from Whole Foods. It's the best cake in the world, and not a person can turn down a slice of it. 

When I picked it up, I saw this little darling and had to get it for her "smash cake."

I think this is one of my favorite pictures because everyone is smiling at Eliza going after her cake. I will show her this picture years from now, and most likely she'll know all these people and they'll still be in her life. It's very special to know that so many people love your daughter. 

Very little hesitation on the cake, but did eat the berries off the top first. 

Then, she got sick. You know, that pesky "we have no meds to help you with it" hand, foot, and mouth disease? It hit the lady hard, and she was so sad! That was probably the hardest part, seeing her so sad. To the parents out there, if you hear of someone having it, you run, I mean RUN the other way! It's highly contagious and no fun. 

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were hard, but then she was feeling better and eating again, but her body was covered in blisters! So, she looked horrible, and technically was still contagious. So, we canceled her party because nothing says awesome party favor like hand, foot, and mouth disease. 

I was bummed to cancel her party, because Avery's was a blast, but I'm thankful that she was surround by people who love her on her actual birthday. My mom came last week and held her while she cried in pain, and bathed her and loved her tremendously while she was feeling the most crummy. I'm convinced that's why she healed so quickly. Nothing like TLC! 

Who knows what matters most in celebrating a little one's first birthday, 
but I think how her celebration turned out was just great, party or no party. 

Happy birthday, Peanut. 
You are the sweetest, most darling girl. 
We have enjoyed every bit of you! Can't wait to see what the next year holds! 

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