a first for all of us

Avery had her first day of school today. She's in a pre-K3 program, three days a week, till 12. It's not a lot of time, but still 9 hours away from home is a big deal when I spend every waking moment with her. And then, I feel like it's the beginning of the end. Next year, straight up pre-K and then Kindergarten, and holy pete, she's off to college. Oh the days may be long, but the years are short. Believe that! It's not cliche, it's actually true.

I think what did me in this morning was the backpack and the new socks. You only wear new socks when you go to school. Avery never wears socks, it's been saltwaters and crocs all summer. But when you go to school and you wear your high top hot pink chucks? You need socks. So, that was emotional; her white bobby socks were emotional. And then the ever-loving backpack. Note- don't make a big deal about the backpack, cause they will already think IT'S THE GREATEST THING ON EARTH. I was hoping she'd pick a muted, simple backpack sans any characters so that other moms would think I never show my child Netflix streaming, like, "who the H is Dora? or Elmo you say?" but it's Avery's backpack, she gets to pick it out. SHE GETS TO PICK IT OUT. And darn her, she picked HOT PINK DORA for the win!! And I feel the need to say this, homegirl watches a lot of Curious George, A LOT, and maybe a couple episodes of Dora? She was drawn to her. We even debated/mom made her opinion known over a few, but Dora it was. And for three days, we packed it, unpacked it, we wore it, we pulled the zippers to hard that the keychain thing came off. Today, the first day, was a debut, and she was stoked.

I've made it a point to walk if some place is under a mile away so that my pregnant self will have an easy labor, so we walked today. And thankfully, when I arrived at school, with Peanut in my sweaty arm and my iphone in the other hand ready to capture all those freaking cute "first day" moments, I was sweating so profusely that no one could see me crying. Crying's a bit much; I was verklempt. Because Avery was FINE. Walked in, put her Dora bag on her branded hook and went to playing with the other girl in the room. "Okay Bub, I'll see you later." ... "Bye mom." That was it. A mixed bag of emotions. A part of me wanted her to need me in that moment, while I was so proud of her for not needing me.

They don't tell you this at the hospital. Yeah, you birthed a kid and technically you're a parent. But something about being a mom happened today. I have a "carpool" card that lays in the window of my Subaru now marking me, "I am a MOM! I pick up my kid from school!" When Avery came home, I opened her backpack to see what notes were left from the teacher, something I would have wanted my parents to do when I was a teacher. Now, I'm a MOM. And I was wearing yoga pants most of the day. I'm a minivan and a soccer registration form away from being certified.

The sweetness of it all, Eliza did not like leaving her sister at school. I didn't think that would happen, in fact, I wasn't thinking about Eliza's reaction at all. She cried when we got back in the stroller, and back at the house, kinda walked around wondering what was different. Sure, she liked her alone time with the toys, but was over that quick. She kicked and squealed when we picked up Avery at 12. A borderline certified MOM heart almost burst.

We got the play by play and I think my daughter is awesome because when they sang "The Wheels on the Bus" they forgot to do that part with the babies crying and Avery goes, "Don't forget the babies!" Maybe because there is always talk of babies in this house, but I say, bold move for your first day Aves! Bold.

Where are the pictures, you ask. Coming at you now. (They are all pretty much the same.)

Running to the door. Always a good sign. 

Thought we were going for a thumbs up, almost. 

I mean, look at her face! I'm a puddle, of sweat and tears. 

She's mine? How did I get so lucky. 

Waving to no one, just started waving. It's still cute. See the socks? See what I mean? 

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Sharon said...

I love this. Hugs to you, mama.
Ps. That last one of her waving looks like she's doing the chicken like Lindsay Bluth "Chi-Chaw! Chi-Chaw!"

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