glitter is good

If New Orleans has taught me one thing, it's that glitter is meant for every occasion, every season. It isn't reserved for Mardi Gras or Halloween, or my face when I was in junior high. Glitter is good.

I like the letter trend that I've seen lately. You know, stores selling big metal letters, perfect for branding your home. But for $60 a piece? At the rate that we make children, it would be an investment. I do however want a really big K for our entry way, and I have found it, just need to convince someone to go buy it with me.

But then I'm at Michaels, in the cheap aisle because, well, you know. And they had these pink, fake leather block letters that I wanted for the girls' room, but they didn't have an E. Bummer. Then, I look down below and see glitter, so I'm drawn in. Glitter letters? I dig in, and I find, yes, the letters I need! And let's be honest, A and E are hard to come by especially in clearance bins. But they were there, huzzah! I was with a friend, who's 10, and I played it cool, but inside I was thrilled. I even, discretely found a 5th letter, and it's ready for November. Wink wink. You can guess, I'll narrow it down to 26.

Then I wanted ampersands, cause they're adorable. I found some, what I thought was, thick glitter card stock. When I got home I realized it was like foam sticker paper?? As luck would have it, it cut super easily and the back of it is white paper so tracing my ampersand was easy. You guys, this is all too exciting. Half of you have stopped reading, and that's fine.

But wait, there's more! What font to make the ampersand??? Only my husband's favorite font, Helvetica of course. Does your husband have a favorite font? They should, it adds character. I printed one at like 400, cut it out, traced and voila, letter banner ready.

The letters had holes already so I used mini clothes pins for the ampersands (how many times can I write ampersand, I could save time and just throw up a &.) I used fishing line to hang in with two small hooks that I screwed into the sids of the mantel, so that if I decided, "LETTER BRANDING IS TOO TRENDY" one day, I can take it down and it's memory will not be marked by a nasty whole in my plaster walls.
(This makes Ken happy. Hole-less walls and Helvetica.)

There are now little specks of glitter in my Salingers and Steinbecks, but I think they would appreciate it. 

 Cause the above paragraph about this process wasn't easy to follow, another picture was necessary. 

And what did Avery make? This pirate ship! She picked it out, my girly-girl. 
(She was saying, "I see a boat, Grandpa" on repeat, for those who would like to know.) 

I'm sure some of you are wondering, when did Melanie become a crafty person? Right below you can see my budding inner artist from 5th grade. My mom saves everything, and I'm glad about it. Do you remember those markers that changed color with a magic marker over it? Look at that border. That took time and concentration. And you know you tagged that smiley face on everything, don't lie.
After you put glitter gel on your cheeks. 

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