ten on ten

8:00 walk around the neighborhood with dad

9:00 Freret Po Boy shop for breakfast

10:00 "helping" dad at work

11:00 walk home before the heat got to crazy
(I was still sweating, like my eye balls were sweating)

12:00 lunch and learning to feed herself, a little bit better everyday

1:00 nap time, for everyone
(Ken has been working looooong hours and I'm not surprised to find him napping like this shortly after the girls went down.)
2:00 and since everyone was sleeping... 

3:00 she's coloring a picture of George Washington, of course

4:00 those blocks needed a break, peanut will do this randomly while she plays; lay on the nearest pillow


we have no pictures because it was a little crazy.
the kids wouldn't eat dinner
I got sick from drinking too much coffee (pregnant thing?)
and poor dad was the only one who ate the dinner he made
getting them to bed was an accomplishment
I rewarded myself with a loooong shower

9:00 in what was initially suppose to be a belly shot, i decided to document my hair because I blow it out like once a month, and surprisingly, I wasn't sweating cause I did it at night. it is a plus to taking prenatals, you hair feels healthy.

don't worry, now it's nappy cause i'm sweating again.
you know, the south in august. 

(I'm linking up with THIS BLOG but I don't know how to add the cute button thing. #blogproblems)


hannah singer said...

love these!
cute family. also, my husband naps like that, too. haha!

happy weekend!

Sharon said...

I also LOVE what you did with that photo of Avery sitting at the table.

Emily Young said...

1. You definitely need to save and frame that pic of Avery coloring George Washington.
2. When we were in Paraguay, my cheeks and elbows used to sweat. Didn't know that was possible, but they did. So I believe you when you said that your eyeballs were sweating and I feel for you.
3. Ok, I lied, 3 comments-I miss and love you!

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