brain dump friday

Do you ever feel the need to put something down, like a confession or just an admission of annoyance? This is just a bucket of random, and since I felt so inclined when pregnant with Eliza with my confessions (here and here), I thought, who wouldn't love to hear from a 27 week hot, pregnant woman? Hot as in temperature, definitely not the other way around.

1. At 3:15 I made a huge turkey and swiss sandwich, and halfway through eating it, I remembered that I already at lunch. And then I finished it. And then had a handful of Avery's goldfish.

2. My body temperature ranges very quickly throughout the day, for no real reason. Avery is witness to this, out of no where I'll just say, "Man, I'm so hot!"

3. I could, and some times do, live on Sunny Delight and any type of puff cereal. Kix, Reese's Puffs, Puffins- I can eat that all day.
And I did, yesterday.

4. One time I asked Ken why he doesn't refer to me as his "bride." You know how men say that? "On a date with my bride of 20 years" or something of the like. I thought, my husband isn't romantic. When asked, he goes, "You're not my bride, that was like one day. Now you're my wife, the mother of my children, so much more than a bride. If I loved you the same way I did on our wedding day, that would be sad." Oh Ken, so practical; practically romantic. That's my groom husband.

5. So, this is really lame. I read blogs all the time, and the ones I read the most, I don't know the writers personally, and never will. Anyway, they take great pictures of their kids, or do creative things to their house or have great fashion sense, but since they're out in the open to the internet world, they will get some haters. I was searching for a blog once and on google, the word "hate" showed up next to their name and I found myself on this forum called GOMI. "Get Off My Internets." Hilarious!! Anyway, if you are ever exceptionally bored, you will read the funniest comments on there. Holy moly.

6. Pretty. Little. Liars. You already know. I'm only on season 3, and I just gotta say, they did a great job on improving Toby's image. He was creeepy season 1, now he's pretty much a total babe. And can I just say, these girls have like the nicest guys liking them. Ezra, Caleb, Toby? I mean... Wow, I just jumped right in there revealing this sick new obsession.

7. I very sensitive to the smell of my kids' breath. Forget Eliza's stinky diaper, when she wakes up from a nap and smiles at me (like I'm the greatest person on the earth), the first thing I notice is, "dang girl, your breath is stank!" If find myself brushing her teeth/gums like 5 times a day.

8. Have you ever listened to a toddler eat a banana? Gross. Makes my skin crawl. Avery's a loud eater in general, and has personal space issues, so I finally understand people who have pet peeves. This is mine: toddlers eating bananas.

9. I bought some washi tape, which I always read as "wasabi tape" which makes just as little sense as it's actually name. So, I bought it to put some prints up around the house and in the girls room. Within a matter of minutes, it all fell down. I emailed the girl on etsy with major sass. She was apologetic, but you know how you have this great confidence through the anonymity of the internet? That's how I felt. I am strong!

10. But it's not all bad, it's all pretty great...

because this guy paints my nails cause my belly is too big

and these girls really do love every bit of each other

and some places care about pregnant women

because this is the only way to grocery shop in style

and this pouty lip while she reads, which she'd do all day if she could

and lastly, her snuggles.

happy weekend, friends

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Samantha Wright said...

this is fuuuunny/cute. just found your blog :) love it. have a great weekend! praying for ya'll!

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