20 pictures from our corner of the world

I'm a compulsive picture taker, and I try to put my phone away all the time so that I'll just enjoy the moment and not constatnly be taking pictures of these moments. But, you guys, these girls are so cute lately. Eliza will "cheeeee" for a picture, and Avery will put her arm around her. It's all to much for me. And I'm pretty sure the new update for iPhone made a better camera, cause I seem to like the pictures more. Blah blah, here are some captures from the last week. 

Oh, and the doctor said yesterday that I'm in the "we won't stop your labor if you go into labor" phase of the pregnancy. Meaning, I have some bags to pack, some small diapers to get down from the attic, and some serious pep talks that having 3 kids 3 and under will be just fine. 

Armstrong park for some tunes.

My uterus controls what books I get from the library, and I apparently enjoy crying.

Eliza's first ice cream! Not too shabby that it's from Creole Creamery.

Eliza was a big fan of the penguins at the aquarium. 

My mom was ringing bells to entertain the girls during facetime the other day, and they were captivated.
Or pissed, I can't really tell what Eliza is feeling. 

The lighting wasn't the best, but they have the same eyes, these three monkeys.

Telling me a great story, that I think includes a dog.

Bath pictures are always like, should I post this or not?
So I cropped as much as I could, so pretend they're wearing baby tube tops or something. 
But, I mean. 

So this was the first time watching You've Got Mail that day.

And then once more for good measure while I sewed in my little craft nook. Then I broke my sewing machine. 

Serenading the ducks! 

Posing with her sweet mocs from a dear friend! 

It's hard to find things sweeter than this. 

"This way, Peanut!"

Hope your weekend is a hoot! 
Did you know that this girl will be THREE on Monday? 

1 comment:

Sharon said...

I love the tub photos.
And You've Got Mail.
And Avery's Chucks.
Happy hootin' weekend!

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